5 things to consider when moving to AWS

Like most things, before you embark on a new way of doing something it’s important to have a plan. How else will you know if you’re going in the right direction?

A successful AWS cloud transformation journey needs to have good direction and management. There will be existing skills that need updating and new skills that need to be learnt.

When getting started on this journey, we always suggest a workshop to identify the required changes and skills. From this you can build a clear plan and framework that will lead to positive business outcomes.

Here are the 5 main considerations to think about and build into your framework.

1. How do you know if what you propose to move to the cloud will work when it gets there? Are you migrating from on-premise or building cloud native?

2. Have you got the right people in the right departments involved in the process? Moving to the cloud is not only an IT thing.

3. What platforms do you have running in-house that will need to integrate with new AWS platforms? Not only at a technology and service level but operations and finance to.

4. Have you identified all workloads in scope and mapped these to technology options available from AWS? The right services will reduce cost and improve performance. Also how will you manage the infrastructure once running?

5. Is what you intend to do secure and will it be secure when in production on AWS? Also how do your current security practices extend to cover the AWS cloud?

Taking these 5 tips into consideration will get you well on the way to a great AWS experience and ensure a quick ROI.

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