Disaster Recovery in the cloud with Duolc, AWS & Veeam

We’ve already outlined why backup to the AWS cloud is a must for businesses. It provides a low-cost alternative to traditional tape & disk-based backup solutions. It’s also quicker to recover data in the event of a system failure.

But that’s great if all you need is a secure and available copy of your data. What if you need to recover from a failure and be back up and running fast? The traditional method is to have a redundant site and process in place to bring systems back online. This can be slow and not always work according to plan, plus how often is it tested? Apart from that, it’s also very expensive to have a physical standby site.

The AWS cloud has changed the dynamics of Disaster Recovery in 3 key areas.

  1. No need for expensive standby sites, infrastructure is only created when needed.
  2. You can use many different types of DR architecture, such as “Pilot Light” or “Warm Standby”.
  3. Bring your existing backup software with you or engage with one of the many partners AWS has.

If you already backup your data to the AWS cloud, then building a DR strategy is the next logical step. From the backup images you have already got in an S3 bucket you have 2 options. Restore individual files back on-premise as needed, faster than offsite tape archives. Or set up key elements of your infrastructure to deploy within AWS in the event of a disaster. You can then have a DR site up and running in less than an hour.

If you don’t yet have your backup or DR in the cloud, then now is the time to review your strategy with Duolc. By working with us we can provide and manage an effective DR strategy for your business. We partner with Veeam Software who provide us tools such as the new Veeam Availability for AWS suite. Enabling us to provide a secure, scalable, agile and fast backup and DR service.

Talk to us about our Well Architected Framework and earn $5000 back in credits from AWS!

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