Duolc partner CyberCrowd is on the Digital Marketplace, G-Cloud 11

As an AWS Consulting Partner Duolc takes our customers security very seriously by following AWS best practice around their Security First and Least Privileged models. To support us with this we partnered with CyberCrowd to deliver market leading security & governance services that can wrap around the highly secure AWS infrastructure solutions that Duolc delivers. CyberCrowd have recently achieved G-Cloud 11 status which means we can now bring our highly secure solutions in to the Public Sector.

CyberCrowd are now selling a range of security led consulting solutions through G-Cloud 11 on the Digital Marketplace, including its flagship security managed service, InfoGAPS.

InfoGAPS is a service that defines a strategic roadmap for security and governance, which is fundamental during the adoption or migration to cloud based services. CyberCrowd helps organisations reach the optimum transformed state from a security perspective, working with them through the 14 Cloud Security Principles, whilst aligning to their goals and technical implementation objectives.

Additionally, this is the first time we are offering our Information Security and Governance Portal direct to organisations. It provides organisations with a live security governance position, by enabling them to manage information security frameworks and workflows such as ISO27001, GDPR, Cyber Essentials and other regulations.


  • Information Asset Management for cloud
  • User based security management portal
  • Live system for demonstrating compliance with security frameworks
  • Multiple frameworks, including ISO, Cyber Essentials, GDPR
  • Workflow management for ensuring reviews are actioned
  • Latest news and access to security related information
  • Part of your internal systems (SharePoint)
  • Demonstrate compliance for Audits
  • Store and track policy changes
  • Cloud hosted in MS365

Steve Kirby, CEO at CyberCrowd, says “G-Cloud provides us with the opportunity to take the CyberCrowd approach to Information Security to a wider audience. We have been working with public sector organisations for a while now, G-Cloud will help to make that process easier and more efficient than traditional procurement routes.

CyberCrowd Services on G-Cloud:

Click on the links below to visit the pages on G-Cloud directly.

Information Security and Governance PortalCloud softwareLive
Cloud – Chief Information Security Officer – CISO as a ServiceCloud SupportLive
Cloud – Data Protection Officer – DPO as ServiceCloud SupportLive
Information Governance and Protection as a Service (InfoGAPS)Cloud SupportLive

As an end to end service, our security solutions in partnership with CyberCrowd cover all the security challenges organisations face today. From securing your infrastructure through to threat detection, process and GDPR governance, we can offer standalone solutions or a complete package of services. By mapping our offerings to your needs, we ensure you’re well informed on legislative requirements, process, governance and protected from today’s threats.

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