Everybody is backing up to the cloud. You should too, here’s why:

The public cloud has positively changed the backup and disaster recovery (DR) industry. Be part of this and future proof your backup & DR strategy today.

Backing up your data is one of the most important things you need to do. Not only do you need to make a copy of your data for safe keeping. You also need to make sure in the event of data loss, you can restore fast. So, in this respect it’s important to not only backup. You must think beyond this to disaster recovery.

At this point lets highlight the industry statistics. The London Chamber of Commerce say 86% of business that suffer data loss go out of business. So, if you ever thought backup and DR was expensive, try an actual disaster.

Traditional methods of back up can be slow and in some cases expensive. Especially if you have large volumes of data. Or a need to keep data for a long time due to regulations.

Tape has had its day and who wants to manage this technology, especially in a smaller business. Backup to disk is faster but again who wants to manage this? Besides it can get expensive if you need to own the physical disk systems.

You could try to use a 3rd party online backup service. Question to ask though is what’s the process in the event of a disaster? Does your providers SLA meet your expectations for the high price you pay them?

All the above options still have one question hanging over them. You can copy your data and see that it’s backed up, but can you get it back when needed?

At Duolc we talk about 5 key priorities for cloud backup.

  1. Security – We make sure backup data is secure at rest and in transit. That’s why we use Amazon Web Services, the most secure and durable public cloud platform.
  2. Price transparency – You only pay for what you store and the service levels you need. No upfront and hidden costs or long-term contracts.
  3. Quick recovery of data in the event of a disaster – Not only your data back and available. We will also make sure you’re operational within an agreed and required time.
  4. Ownership of service – We take cost and lost time out of your business with backup and DR. You focus on your business knowing your data is secure and available.
  5. Technology independence – Bring your own licences or use our suggested solutions. We offer open solutions and no technology lock in

We take every customer engagement as a separate project. This means you get exactly what you need from us. You also only pay for what you need when you need it. This is the benefit of using Duolc and the AWS platform.

Backup is one of the first steps business take in adopting the public cloud. We can also help you with any other AWS cloud services you need.

Talk to us about our Well Architected Framework and earn $5000 back in credits from AWS!

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