What is Security in the AWS cloud?

In our last post we talked about best practices for securing the AWS cloud. How AWS take ownership of the cloud and you, the customer, takes ownership of security in the cloud.

So, what does it mean when we say in the cloud? Well it’s not only securing your network, operating systems and applications. It’s also about taking a holistic approach to make sure you’re covered in all areas. Remember security is the responsibility of everyone.

On average a data breach can cost you around £150 per lost record, which can add up if you have a serious breach. Recently, the ICO fined the Borough of Newham £145,000 for disclosing personal data. What’s more damaging though is the effect it can have on your reputation with new customers. You risk losing your existing customers trust and confidence in your business.

Unless you’re a large organisation, you may not have a dedicated security head. This means you would no doubt be suffering from one or more of the following issues.

  1. Poor security design
  2. Lack of skilled resource
  3. Complex multi-vendor solutions
  4. Ineffective security policies & process
  5. GDPR governance

Weakness in any of these areas can leave you exposed to external and internal threats. It was an internal, end user error that led to the data breach and as a result the fine for the London Borough of Newham.

To address our customers challenges, we’ve partnered with Cybercrowd and Alert Logic. When added to our existing AWS skills, we have the 3 key pillars needed for a secure cloud environment.

From the ground up we can ensure that your AWS infrastructure is secure. We deploy best practice from the security pillar in the well architected framework. By running a least privileged model, only those that need access have it.

Then we deploy Alert Logic’s SIEMless Threat Management solution. This allows us to provide 24/7 threat management and detection as a managed service. Removing the need for complex multi-vendor solutions you manage yourself.

Last but not least we wrap all this up with the InfoGAPS service from Cybercrowd. InfoGAPS stands for Information Governance and Protection as a Service. What this means is we can enable you to build a security team that fits your business. Giving support you don’t have today to manage security arrangements, process and governance. This ensures you have best practices in place to protect your business and its IP.

As an end to end service, our security solutions cover all the challenges you face today. From securing your AWS infrastructure through to threat detection, process and GDPR governance. We can offer these as standalone solutions or as a complete package of services. By mapping our offerings to your needs, we ensure you’re protected from today’s threats.

Talk to us about our Well Architected Framework and earn $5000 back in credits from AWS!

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