Have Oracle ever competed with Public Cloud providers?

The answer is no. Oracle’s cloud offering provides a platform that replaces the need for on-premise IT.  Oracle maintain a competitive position in delivering their enterprise solutions, which is their strategy.  They do not have the scale or offerings in place to be credible competition to AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

Duolc Ltd as an AWS Cloud Services consultancy understand the difference.  AWS Cloud hosts a much more extensive portfolio of related services and solutions than Oracle.  AWS also appeals to developers and ISV’s as it gives them an open platform to innovate.

AWS is accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.  They offer a simple pay as you go model without the need to sign up to long term contracts. You only pay for what you use, and after the event.

Savings made allow investment in smart technology that becomes a business driver. AI, Machine Learning, Mobile Apps, Chatbots and more become accessible.

Duolc Ltd specialise in moving businesses onto AWS and optimising that usage.   We then help them innovate to make IT become a true business growth engine. After all that’s what technology is for. Click for a free Cloud Workshop to see how technology can transform your business https://www/duolc.co.uk

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