Why Digital Transformation and the Cloud?

Digital Transformation or DX, as it sometimes referred to, is the use of technology to create new, or change existing business processes, to drive better experiences, or meet changing customer expectations. 

It’s worth pointing out that customers can also mean employees, who given the tools can benefit and innovate from new ways of interacting with their job.

For all businesses, it’s a case of adapt with emerging technologies or fall behind – an age-old maxim. It’s about ensuring that efficiencies are delivered by automating tasks, eradicating inefficient processes utilising Machine Learning, using Data Analytics to better target customers with relevant messaging (and that applies to small data sets as well as big), delivering products, services or information via mobile apps, making customer website visits a good intuitive experience with chatbots – at Duolc as a start-up these are all lessons learned the hard way.

The key to unlocking technology without breaking the bank is to do it in the Public Cloud, otherwise the initial investment required to try things can be daunting. It is simple to fire up projects, test technology, analyse the results to prove that innovating can bring benefits, and if you’re not convinced well you just turn it off and try something else – you are only paying for technology that you use on a pay as you go basis, and after the event with no contracts tying you in.

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