Our Approach – Always have the business outcome in mind

Managing AWS infrastructure & billing is complex and can lead to increased costs and lost work hours. Let us take away the pain this creates leaving you to focus on what’s important.


To start with we encourage simplicity as the way to enable growth. This brings down costs, increases productivity and speeds up innovation. Then we wrap in consultancy & services that follow a basic 5 step framework to guide you to success.

  1. Consultancy to understand required business outcome
  2. Assessment and discovery services
  3. Migration planning and execution services
  4. Billing & infrastructure management plus cost optimisation
  5. Duolc architected reviews every 6 months

Our services will future proof your business, reduce costs plus provide agility & scalability. You can enter the framework at any stage so let us know what you want to achieve?  

We only focus on technology that will scale as you grow and always provide a reduced TCO. Our approach is to engage in a long term partnership with you that will speed up your success. Outlined by our key values of Simplicity, Innovation, Evolution, Excellence and Partnerships.  

Duolc is a forward thinking company delivering secure cloud based solutions. Working with us is simple. You will only experience knowledgeable people who have your best interests in mind.

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