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Cloud Workshops

We offer free consultation workshops to understand your current IT estate, business strategy plus your desired business outcomes. From the workshop we can then start providing migration and architectural propositions to fit your priorities.

Cloud Assessment and Migration Service

From assessing current on-premise infrastructure and applications to building and executing a clear migration plan, this service offering enables us to recommend and deliver the appropriate cost-effective AWS services to best fit your workload needs.

The Cloud Assessment and Migration Service is designed to give you a clear and effective strategy to migrate workloads into the AWS Cloud, whilst reducing risk and complexity and providing a high level of security. Post migration we also provide 2 weeks of monitoring and management to unsure everything is stable before handing over to our managed service.

Our service is relevant for all sizes of migration; from the single server workloads to large enterprise scale challenges.

Architectural Design & Build

Whatever the outcome of an assessment or workshop our cloud architects are more than qualified to build highly secure and highly available architectures that follow AWS best practices.

We’re also skilled in delivering architectures that support continuous development and implementation of your applications. DevOps is key to ensuring you’re using the AWS platform in the most efficient way.

Well Architected Framework

With the fast pace of development that AWS deliver around existing and new services, we recommend that every 6 months you review your infrastructure and workloads. This is to ensure that you’re following AWS best practice in these 5 key pillars, operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimisation.  

Our Well Architected Framework will provide you with recommendations against each pillar plus the option of 40 hours of remedial work to implement these. On average this service finds 22% per month of cost savings and delivers ROI within a minimum of 60 days per workload assessed.

Duolc Cloud Express Managed Service

Duolc Cloud Express is a 24 x 7 Public Cloud infrastructure support offering enabling you to optimise IT resources and reduce cloud spend.

Your IT resource should be there to support and drive innovation to exceed your business goals, all too often however this ends up focused on keeping the existing infrastructure running, meaning higher costs from operations and lost business through productivity drain.

Cloud Express allows you to focus your own resource in the right areas to ensure IT is contributing to the business outcomes you desire. We take away the pain of infrastructure management with a low-cost consumption-based service that also looks for cost optimisation opportunities and recommendations for your AWS environment.

We take ownership of the following leaving you to focus on delivering value to your business. VM monitoring & management, preventative maintenance and monitoring, security monitoring, storage management, network management, backup management, cost optimisation and cloud environment management.

AWS Billing Management

Managing AWS billing can be complicated leading to lost time and cost. We remove this complexity so you can focus on your business.

Our free billing platform removes any need for you to pay in USD or via a credit card as we bill you at your current list price in GBP with a credit line (finance allowing).

Billing reports are provided in real-time throughout each month that can easily be broken down by department or instance to enable chargeback and detailed analysis.  

You still have all the control AWS provides in a direct model but without the operational and financial headaches from managing this yourself. All for free at the cost you already pay today.

Cost Optimisation

Making sense of billing data, keeping costs in check and proactively planning for upcoming projects is not always easy. Our optimisation service allows you to get full visibility into your entire AWS infrastructure.

This not only allows you to identify opportunities for cost saving and performance improvements but also see any potential issues with security and availability.  On average our cost optimisation service can save our customers up to 30% on monthly spend.

To do this we provide access to our Cloudcheckr platform on a consumption basis, meaning you don’t have to sign up or pay any long-term subscriptions and can pick and choose the accounts you want visibility into and only pay for the time you want.

This service is an extension of our Billing Management services and relies on your current billing flowing via Duolc and our platform.


We operate a “Security First” policy to ensure that all your AWS accounts are correctly set up against best practice of security at every level.

To protect your AWS environment, we partner with Alert Logic who provide you with 24/7 security monitoring and protect users and data in real-time. Then we wrap around this with our InfoGAPS information, governance and protection service that gives you a CISO as a service plus cyber insights, pen testing and GDPR & ISO compliance training.

Talk to us about our Well Architected Framework and earn $5000 back in credits from AWS!

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