Managing Amazon Web Services infrastructure is complex and leads cost and lost work hours. Let us take away the pain this creates leaving you to focus on what’s important.

The top five challenges with billing and managing services through AWS are:

  1. Paying in USD on credit cards 
  2. Un-organised AWS infrastructure that requires optimising
  3. Outdated AWS infrastructure not leveraging the latest services
  4. Not leveraging AWS pricing models for cost optimisation 
  5. Inability to accurately deliver departmental chargeback

Move your billing to Duolc and you can resolve these plus see further benefits such as: 

  1. Receive billing in GBP
    • Remove USD exchange rate costs
  2. Leverage a credit line with Duolc (Finance permitting)
    • Remove credit cards from billing process
  3.  Receive invoices and billing reports for each department 
    • Deliver accurate department chargebacks
  4. Put security and control policies around spend
    • Remove un-secure “Shadow IT” created by departmental spend
    • See all spend by all accounts via an easy to use single platform
  5. Realise cost savings via Duolc assessment services
    • Look for efficiencies in existing services
    • Find opportunities to leverage cost optimisation programs
    • Identify new migration projects
  6. Create a plan with Duolc to migrate new workloads to AWS
    • Realise further costs savings
    • Innovate at speed and get to market quickly