Why Duolc?

Our cloud services are structured to enable you to deliver ongoing positive business outcomes. These services fall in to four categories to support you wherever you may be in you cloud journey.


In the pre-sales phase we deliver workshops & services that evaluate your current systems, plus look at internal business processes to ensure they are cloud ready.


Whether migrating existing workloads of deploying new cloud native applications, we architect highly available and fault tolerant solutions to enable the innovation that will deliver your desired business outcomes.


Once in the cloud, you want to make sure that your own people are focused on development of business applications and processes, not looking inwards to manage the infrastructure and billing cycles.

We deliver a low-cost consumption based managed infrastructure service. In addition, our free billing service gives you real-time visibility of monthly spend, invoices in local currency plus a view of potential cost savings.


As you grow your cloud footprint you need to make sure costs are kept down on a regular basis.
These can creep up in four key areas; over provisioning of services, not using cost effective technology, inability to leverage the best cost models and operational costs to manage platforms and billing cycles.

We deliver a service that identifies these issues and offers the required remedial work to fix and re-architect against AWS best practices, on average this finds savings of 22% per month.
Also, when combined with our managed service we can deliver on-going management and optimisation of a well-tuned, highly secure and agile platform.

Our services move you away from traditional on-premise managed services and break fix contracts. They empower you to innovate and grow your business at scale rather than keeping one eye on you IT costs and performance.

Moving to the cloud is an ongoing journey of constant development and innovation. We’re focused on supporting you along this journey and guiding you towards achieving your own business objectives.

Talk to us about our Well Architected Framework and earn $5000 back in credits from AWS!

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